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Responsive design

Responsive web design is very important in present days. So we keep up with the times. For this we use popular CSS framework Bootstrap. It gives us a lot of features such as grid system, mobile menu, responsive classes and etc. Feel all the power of responsive web design in your new template. You can use desktop, tablet or mobile and on all of these platforms you'll get the best design with this template.

Our features


You'll get modern, responsive and very beautifull design. We have prepared for you three great templates. First one is a clean and minimalistic with big photo. Second one has flowers and a little of color. And third one is a colorful template with beautifull background. All of the templates have the same features.


For creating temokates we used only best practicies and technologies. We used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery. And modern and powerful libraries - jQuery, Bootstrap, Owl Carousel, Masonry Gallery, Isotope, Lightbox and Imageloaded. Best technologies work just for you!


We think about our clients. That's why we created all sections that you need. We have for you bride and groom section, countdown section, love story, shedule of events, section with bridesmaid and groomsman, carousel with link to gallery page, completely working form, wedding locations and map. All created with love just for you!